Performance Royalty

The Concept Of Performance Royalty In Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry

About a week ago, I walked into a mall to do my regular monthly shopping. As I approached the mall, a particular departmental store caught my attention. It had all I needed and as a further attraction, there was a nice mix of Nigerian hip-hop music playing in the background. I could not have chosen a better place to do my shopping, I thought to myself.

After picking the items I needed, I approached the cashier and asked, “do I have to pay for these?” and she warmly responded, “of course Sir, you have to, this is our stock in trade, we don’t do charity.” Then I asked her further, “do you have a license to play this mix of songs you are playing right here?” Her response was “of course we bought and paid for the compact disc, so it’s ours”. I settled the bill and said goodbye.
The above scenario leads us to the salient, but often overlooked topic of discourse, “Musical Royalty”. Have you ever thought of going to a club and having a drink without paying for it or going to the market to pick up goods without paying for them? An individual who does this will probably be considered a thief- right?  Continue reading →