Aderonke Alex-Adedipe was recently a participant at the Franco-Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nigeria on 28th February 2017.


Mrs Alex-Adedipe addressed the issues emanating from Nigeria’s incoherently regulated Foreign Exchange system and how this adversely impacts foreign investment in the Country adversely by encouraging investors to invest in neighbouring countries, decreasing foreign direct investment and decreasing foreign debt investment. On the whole, these occurrences weaken the strength of the Nigerian Economy.

In making recommendations, going forward, Mrs Alex-Adedipe discussed the positive financial benefit of hedging which is a means of limiting price risk in contracts and how derivatives such as futures and options can be used by businesses to lower the risk of an unstable exchange rate.

The Franco-Nigerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an organization established in 1985. It came into existence in response to the need to create a forum for the private sector of both Nigeria and France to exchange ideas and enhance their economic relations